Now What?

Thank YOU for joining me on this trip.


Nearing the End

The end of our trip was a lot of traveling, a lot of singing, and hardly any access to wifi. While it was mainly sitting around, it was still a wonderful time.

The Big Day

While the applause was fun and encouraging, the best part of the concert was being able to use my talents to glorify Christ.

The Blessing of Unity

We all cried. We all worshipped. People came to watch, some took their hats off, some joined in with us. It was very much a holy moment and it was extremely evident that God was with us.

A Revolution

We are here during a big moment in history. We do not think it a coincidence that we were brought here during this time either.

We’re Finally Here!

Please continue to pray for me and the rest of the Chorale as we embark on this journey. Spain is hurting, Barcelona/Catalonia is hurting and the Christians are hurting. They need our prayers and the hope that Jesus brings during this difficult time.

The Days Leading Up

While many of us are scrambling to get ahead in class work and to do midterms before we leave, we can't help but be excited for the many experiences we will have on our trip.