Now What?

Now that we are back, and many of us are trying to get over our jet lag, there can be this sense that it is all over; that what happened in Spain was just for that moment and now we are back so it’s all over. But this is far from the truth. Yes, we are back in the daily grind of our everyday lives but that doesn’t mean we, or the impact we have had, is done. Our work is far from done.

As I have mentioned throughout my other posts, Spain has been in a state of unrest as Catalonia attempts to gain independence. When we left, this was only getting more intense. I heard many personal accounts while I was over there about how this was affecting the people of Catalonia and Spain. It is a sad and intense moment. I truly believe God sent us over there during this time because of how things are changing. What better time to leave a seed than during a season of confusion and change? Now that we are gone, it’s our job to pray, and pray, and pray some more for the people who are being affected. Pray for peace and justice. Pray for change in their hearts as they navigate these times. Pray for unity between the Spaniards and between the Christians.

Unity is such a huge issue in Spain. So many, if not all, of the Christians are jealous of the unity we Christians in America have. While we were in Spain, we made an effort to help bring them together. We wanted to show them what it was like to be unified, despite the many differences we have. Please pray with us that they are able to stayed unified and can teach others what is like to be unified. The devil is attacking that area with disunity. We felt it when we arrived and saw it while we were there. We trust God is, and has, used our trip to give them tools to combat this and for other reasons I’m sure we don’t know of.

I know several members of our chorale who have been greatly impacted by the trip as well. We have been changed in ways I can’t even describe. This trip was as much for the Spaniards as it was for us. I can honestly say that I have never been impacted in a manner so great then I have on this trip. Please pray that we don’t lose sight of what God has done in our lives during this time. We had a spiritual high while we were there and now that we are back, it is easy to fall into a valley. Also pray that we remember the work God has done in our lives. Since it was a trip to a different country, with different people, and different experiences, it can be easy to fall into the trap of believing what we experienced wasn’t real and we made it up. But what we experienced was real. We saw the work of God. We felt his presence. We were and are changed.

Thank YOU for joining me on this trip. I would not have been able to do this without your support and your prayers. You all were a huge part of this; just as much as us goers were. I don’t think I can thank you enough.


Yours truly,

Alli M.


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