My name is Alli McClune. I am currently a senior in the Musical Theatre department at Lancaster Bible College. The Lancaster Bible College Chorale, which includes me, has been given the wonderful opportunity to go to Spain to join the Spaniards in a once in a life time opportunity! We are working together to put on several concerts that celebrates the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

This is a huge deal because Spain’s population is mostly Catholic (only 2% are protestant). The Catholics actually believe Protestantism to be a cult. Spaniards also have a hard time communicating and lack unification.

Our goal in this trip is not to try and gain new believers, as Spain is not a country that we can stop in for a short amount of time and expect a difference. Our goal is to help facilitate relationships between Spaniards and Spaniards and also provoke conversation. This is already in the works since there has been people in Spain who have worked endlessly to try to get this project up on its feet. They have had to work against the cultural norms that cause a lack of communication and unification in order to organize these concerts. We’ve been praying specifically for this situation and cultural norm and asking that we have an impact on their lives.

We have four big concerts planned as well as some small performances at local churches across Barcelona and Madrid.

Barcelona, which is the capitol of Catalonia, is in the midst of upheaval as many of the locals have voted for independence from Spain. This does not, thankfully, cause any major threats to us. If you want more information, please visit these sites:




I thank you for your support and interest in this opportunity of mine that God has given me the chance to be a part of. I wouldn’t be able to accomplish any of this without your help and prayers.